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Pharmaceutical Instrument

At Torontech our quality and variety of products support many industries. Our advantage is sustainable growth in our product lines and providing the best products. We currently offer a wide range of Pharmaceutical testers that fully satisfies pharmaceutical functionality as well as cost savings.

Our product offerings include:

Tablet Hardness Tester: To ensure that pharmaceutical pills and tablets have the ideal casing, a tablet hardness tester is required to accurately analyze the mechanical integrity of a tablet. At Torontech we offers wide range of advanced Tablet Hardness Testers. Learn more

Disintegration Tester: Pharmaceutical Disintegration Testers are used to break down the tablet into small particles or granules for testing of tablet to be readily available to the body. Learn more

Dissolution Tester: A dissolution test is a means of identifying and proving the availability of active drug materials in their delivered form. A dissolution test simulates the availability of active substance and allows the prediction of the time for complete release of the material from the dosage form.

ToronPharma TTdisso series of Dissolution Testers are the most efficient dissolution instruments in the market, specially designed with the end-user in mind. They are simple to operate with features that make analyst training and lab integration easy. TTdisso8 and TTdisso14 are not only ideal for manual testing but can be easily integrated with our automated system and ToronSOFT Dissolution Software. Learn more

Auto Video Melting Point Apparatus: A melting-point apparatus is a scientific instrument used to determine the melting point of a substance. Some types of melting-point apparatuses include the Thiele tube, Fisher-Johns apparatus, Gallenkamp (Electronic) melting-point apparatus and automatic melting-point apparatus.

While the outward designs of apparatuses can vary greatly, most apparatuses use a sample loaded into a sealed capillary (melting-point capillary), which is then placed in the apparatus. The sample is then heated, either by a heating block or an oil bath, or as the temperature increases, the sample is observed to determine when the phase change from solid to liquid occurs. The operator of the apparatus records the temperature range starting with the initial phase-change temperature and ending with the completed phase-change temperature. The temperature range that is determined can then be averaged to gain the melting point of the sample being examined. Learn more

HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography Series: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is used for applications in the analytical chemistry, biochemistry and many other industries. The HPLC separates mixtures by identifying the components. The components of the HPLC system may included solvent organizer, pumps, samplers, column and detector. The pump is used to move the solvent through the column and the detector analyzes the components. 

Our machines are very customizable. To have a complete HPLC system, you would need a delivery system, sampler, detector, workstation, column and solvent organizer. You also have the option to add a column oven if you like. Delivery system options include Isocratic, Binary or Quaternary pumps. The sampler includes manual and auto samplers. Detector is a UV-VIS instrument while the solvent organizer has three different models that can be used. You can choose from our preconfigured machines or customize one. Learn more

Automatic Polarimeter: Automatic Polarimeter includes a built-in peltier which is a precise temperature control system with automatic photoelectric inspection technology. It's based on the  application of the optical rotation and be determining this characteristic the density, content and purity of the sample can be found. Its common uses include medicine, petroleum, food, chemicals, universities and research institutes. Learn more

Automatic Refractometer: Torontech TTAR Series of Automatic Digital Refractometer includes high-performance CCD light-sensitive part, it can automatically measure the refractive index (nD) of transparent, translucent, dark, viscous and other types liquid sample, also can measure sugar degree (Brix) of sugar solution accurately, reliably, fast and easily Full compliance with FDA 21CFR part.11. TTARII has innovative use of cloud service systems, all the data from instrument can be uploaded to cloud server, especially for group company or government customer. Learn more

Besides the above-mentioned machines, Torontech also supports various unique requirements our clients may have. Our range of machinery is highly customizable and our team of experts go above and beyond to ensure value delivery.

To book a discovery call our experts, email us at

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