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29 Nov, 2013

When packaging high-quality products, companies need to make sure that nothing breaks through the outer layer of protection, which often happens when…


15 Nov, 2013

When a manufacturer needs to test a material for its durability, samples must be prepared by specialized machines to undergo tensile strength testing…


01 Nov, 2013

When a company distributes its products to suppliers and retailers, its packaging must be secure enough to protect a product from not only incidental…


25 Oct, 2013

When a company needs to test a material under conditions that simulate extreme real-world requirements, Ultra Temperature Chests offer the most…


18 Oct, 2013

X-rays are the most extensive non-destructive technique for scanning and imaging, whether companies are testing the solidity of the materials that…


18 Oct, 2013

To determine the amount of impact a piece of steel can absorb before breaking, companies use the Charpy pendulum impact test method.


04 Oct, 2013

Sometimes, in order to inspect large-scale equipment such as storage tanks, testers need to access remote and hard-to-reach places.


30 Aug, 2013

To rely on the strength of the materials used to construct the buildings we live and work in, we need to be able to test its resilience under extre

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