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Torontech News & Blogs for the latest news about advanced Materials Testing, Medical, and Pharmaceutical, as well as exhibitions and success stories and much more.


18 Feb, 2015

In the maternity ward at hospitals, birthing beds must be carefully engineered to provide the most comfortable positions for women during childbirth…


26 Jan, 2015

Torontech is pleased to announce its new line of distinctive operating tables, ToronSurge™, which provide the best support possible for the patient…


20 May, 2014

To support production lines that make steel piping and ferrite steel sheets, Torontech supplies Drop Weight Tear Impact Testers to manufacturers,…


28 Apr, 2014

When creating pharmaceutical products, there is a very narrow range of hardness that is acceptable for tablets and capsules: if they are too soft…


14 Mar, 2014

To help manufacturers achieve the safest, most effective transportation of their materials, Torontech provides high-performance cranes to a wide…


28 Feb, 2014

When manufacturers are preparing metal samples for analysis, the specimens need to be grinded to remove surface imperfections after the material is…


14 Feb, 2014

For conducting tests on mass-produced metal components, manufactures use mounting press machines to perform in-depth analyses of product samples.


10 Feb, 2014

For researchers and manufacturers needing to study the microstructures of metals, Torontech provides an impressive line of metallography polishers…


10 Jan, 2014

Metallography Abrasive Cutting is a technique used to cut almost any material, ranging from soft aluminum and hardened steels to various ceramics and…

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