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05 Oct, 2015

Optical fiber cables are used extensively in important industry applications all over the world, from telecommunications to the medical sector, but…


05 Aug, 2015

When using a microscope to study metal samples in a laboratory, portability and ease of use are the primary concerns - a bulky and inconvenient…


03 Aug, 2015

When setting concrete, companies must be careful to refine the mortar mix for safety and durability.


03 Jun, 2015

To maintain the safety and security of oil pipelines, companies need to detect the quality of welding in long-distance pipelines in real-time to…


22 Apr, 2015

The best quality control testers on the market can carry out examinations on a wide range of materials, providing results for several different…


23 Feb, 2015

When determining the properties of newly created alloys, precious metals, and more common materials such as plastic and rubber, researchers and…


02 Feb, 2015

Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Spectrometer is used to test the composition of structural materials such as steel beams and cement.


24 Feb, 2014

Torontech provides companies around the world with top-of-the-line Universal Testing Machines (UTMs), which perform an extensive range of tensile and…


24 Jan, 2014

When we're on the road, our safety often depends on the strength and quality of the materials used by automotive manufacturers

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