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Impact tests are used to measure the resistance to failure of materials to a suddenly applied force. The test measures the impact energy, or the energy absorbed prior to fracture. ToronTech™ offers advanced Impact testing machines to measure that energy through drop weigh tear test and Charpy impact test. We also offer machines for the preparation of specimens for these tests.



The Charpy Impact Tester is a high-performance impact tester for Charpy pendulum impact test method is used to…


The advanced and popular Drop Weight Tear Impact Testing Machines - DWTT-API-30/40/50K series can test 10 samples…


Torontech’s Charpy Broaching Machines is fast, accurate, reliable, and ideal operations of notched bar impact testing…


Low-Temperature Chamber is used for Cooling of Metal Samples for Charpy Impact Test as per ASTM E23-02A, EN10045-2


The axial impact test is performed to measure the mechanical performance of a conductor when subjected to high dynamic…

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